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Police Warn Playground “Roundabout Challenge” Can Cause Strokes


A playground “roundabout challenge” is causing huge concern in the UK lately, where the trend is resulting in massive harm to school-aged kids. Police are issuing out a warning to parents and caretakers around the dangers of the game that are leaving kids with injuries generally “suffered by fighter pilots”; in fact, the challenge can also cause a stroke.

Said “game” can be done at playgrounds that exhibit roundabouts. The “challenge” involves kiddos sitting in the middle of these playground roundabouts, while spinning at speeds that are extreme. Reports indicate that there are, at times, a revving motorbike wheel that is used to make the roundabout spin that much faster.

The result of the challenge? Mayo Clinic reported that an “extreme negative g-force”, which leads to redout, a condition that occurs when blood is driven to a person’s head.

This condition also causes a headache, reddened vision, potential retinal damage, as well as possibly a stroke. There have been reports that have surfaced where children have suffered from injuries due to this game, all across the UK. This past September, a boy was sent to the hospital in Lincolnshire.

As per police, now a young boy stemming from Lowton in Wigan is suffering injuries. According to officers, the child was at the playground when some older kids asked him to partake in the “challenge”. At the end of the spin, the child had red spots around his eyes and a suffered from a headache. Doctors stated that this was a result of the pressure that occurred during the extreme spinning.

In September of last year, an 11-year-old boy tried to recreate a video called the “Roundabout of Death” with a group. When all was said and done, he began to feel ill and collapsed.

The boy’s eyes began to swell up and he was rushed to emergency. According to reports, he suffered from injuries that were “only seen in fighter pilots”

The incident in Lowton isn’t as serious as the one that the 11-year-old’s; however, it does imply that this “roundabout challenge” could be gaining momentum.

Warning letters have been sent out to some local schools within the Lowton region where this playground stands. The letter went on to explain game, and its popularity amongst teens; it also outlined the incident involving the Lowton boy, his injuries, and the signs and symptoms that lead him to be hospitalized.

Sadly, especially in this day and age with social media, one bad idea that seems fun can turn into a “challenge” of sorts that is re-enacted not only in a community, but across the globe. While these roundabouts are a fun to enjoy on the playground, using them at extreme speeds are not recommended, especially when one considered the complication that could result after a possible stroke, including immobility, swallowing difficulties, infections, and social impacts that are caused and can occur to anyone post-stroke.

While a stroke can be brought on by a slew of risk factors, including smoking and obesity, the last thing anyone wants to see is a child suffer from this condition, due to a silly and unwarranted playground challenge.