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Hall Of Famer Bobby Cox Hospitalized Due To Possible Stroke


Reports have surfaced that Baseball Hall of Famer Bobby Cox, who was also a long-time manager for the Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays, has been admitted into a hospital in the Atlanta area, due to a possible stroke. Cox’s family has been said to be quite concerned by this; however, couldn’t share full details of his condition. At 77 years of age, Cox was admitted on Tuesday April 2nd, with undisclosed medical issues.

The CBC recently revealed that Bobby was just seen donning a Braves’ jersey this past Monday during the team’s home opener versus the Chicago Cubs. Cox spent 29 years in baseball as a manager; twenty-five with the Braves, four years with the Blue Jays.

He hits fourth all-time with 2,504 wins. Cox was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 2018.

A stroke is considered a medical emergency, and occurs when blood stops flowing to any area within your brain, which essentially causes damage to a person’s brain cells. The effects of this condition are dependant on the region of the brain that is damaged during the stroke, as well as the amount of damage that occurs.

Important signs to look for when it comes a stroke include:

  • A feeling of sudden weakness or numbness in your legs, arms, face, or especially one side of your body.
  • A sudden issue with seeing in both or even out of one eye.
  • A sudden feeling of confusion, finding it hard to understand speech.
  • A sudden and severe headache, without a known cause.
  • A sudden issue when it comes to walking, balance, and lack of coordination; feeling dizzy.

Many medical experts recommend using the acting “F.A.S.T” concept if you think you, or someone you love, may be suffering from a stroke. Here’s a simple test:

Face: Can you/the person smile? Does a side of their/your face droop down?

Arms: Can you/the person raise both arms? Does one go downward?

Speech: Can you/the person repeat something? Does your/their speech sound strange or slurred?

Time: Act FAST! If you notice any of these symptoms or signs in you or a loved one, call 911 immediately.

It’s important to note: do not drive to the hospital yourself, as your best bet is for an ambulance to arrive on scene to help with stroke care measures and take you to a healthcare facility.

Thoughts go out to Bobby Cox and his family during this hard time, here’s hoping the baseball legend will be okay.