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Deaths Due To Strokes In England Split In The Past Decade

A new study finds that deaths due to stroke have halved in England over the past decade, all thanks to enhanced treatment.

The Guardian has revealed that stroke numbers have decreased in older individuals, focused on with medical interventions to help control blood pressure via the statin prescription; however, those individuals 55 years or younger have increased with strokes, possibility due to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

While the study team believes that a reduction in stroke deaths is a positive sign, preventing them would be even better; noting that those who suffer a stroke (and survive it) still deal with disabilities in the aftermath.

The study revealed that strokes fell overall by 20 percent between 2001-2010. Additionally, when age and other factors were adjusted, deaths caused by stroke fell by 55 percent during that time period as well.

Most times, strokes occur in seniors, frequently those in their 80s, which is where prevention has been targeted towards within England. Of the 425,000 strokes that have occurred since 2001, approximately 33,000 were individuals that were 55 years old or younger.

There was an increase in those aged between 35-55, with no change seen amongst those in the younger demographic. The research team noted that the increase in the 35-55 demographic seems to correlate with a rise in type 2 diabetes and obesity rates. Additionally, within that age group, there was also an increase in drug and alcohol level consumption; this can also increase stroke risks. So can smoking; however, those rates have been declining.

The data for the study stemmed from mortality and hospital records for all England residents at the age of 20+, admitted to a hospital for a stroke, or dying from a stroke, between the time period for 2001 to 2010. The findings were based on approximately close to 948,000 stroke events that occurred in just over 795,800 individuals, which included just over 337,000 deaths due to stroke.

The average age for a stroke in women was 76, and 72 for males.

A majority of the stroke decline, signified by a 66 percent rate in females and 78 percent rate in males, was due to better treatments. There has also been enhanced public awareness campaigns helping people to spot the signs in order to get immediate medical attention.