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4 Simple (and even FUN) Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke


So what is a stroke? Simply put, it is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to a part of your brain is reduced or stopped, causing a lack of oxygen and nutrients. When this happens, it is only a matter of minutes before brain cells begin to die. While certainly frightening, especially when you consider that they can happen to anyone, at any time, the good news is that they can be treated, and in many cases, even prevented.

When most people think of prevention in terms of medical conditions, they normally think of incredibly restrictive, and simply not fun practices that they must adhere to in order to be healthy. And while this is often the case, it isn’t always. And today we hope to show you exactly what we mean by these simple, and arguably fun, tips to help protect yourself and reduce your chance of stroke.

1. Ride a Bike

Young or old, there is something about riding a bicycle that is inherently fun, and now, according to research out of Germany, it can also help prevent a stroke. 100 men with angina were asked to exercise for 20 minutes a day on a bike.

A year later, 21 of those men suffered a heart attack or stroke, while only 6 of those who rode the bike did.

Ride a Bike