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10 Celebrities That Have Suffered a Stroke


Strokes are common in all kinds of people and no amount of money or fame can shield people from the devastating effects of a stroke. A study conducted by UCLA revealed that strokes are a major problem in Hollywood. The study showed that out of 409 Oscar Nominees from 1927-2009 at least 29 suffered strokes. Several well-known and loved stars have suffered from this medical condition but have fought to recover and spread awareness about the condition. These celebrities can be both inspirational and motivational for all stroke survivors and their families. They show all of us that one can continue to pursue life goals even after such an event.

1. Dick Clark

Dick Clark is probably the most visible celebrity who has suffered from a stroke and made his condition apparent to his fans. Clark was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which contributed to the star’s stroke.

During recovery, he had to learn how to talk and walk again. Even after recovery he continued to suffer from slurred and slowed speech and partial paralysis. Despite this he continued to perform his New Year’s Eve show and fight to continue his career in the spotlight. In doing so he became a source of inspiration and a symbol of hope for stroke victims. Instead of stepping back from his very public life, he proudly showed that people can have a stroke and continue pursuing their goals.

Dick Clark